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Live Review: Leeds Festival 2014 - Bramham Park - 22/08/2014

A couple of my photos from Friday at Leeds Festival are scattered throughout this review. You should check out what we thought of the day!



After months of build up and anticipation, the momentous Leeds Festival kicked off with bags full of potential. From major rock acts to some of the best in punk and hardcore, day one of Leeds 2014 hit all the right marks. Here’s a roundup of what we saw.


Few things could of soothed the stress and frustration of the debacle that was team Already Heard’s efforts to find our way into the Leeds Fest site quite as quickly as the sight of Tonight Alive front woman Jenna MacDougall prowling the vast space of the Main Stage in predatory fashion. This weekend’s Reading and Leeds appearances were by far two of the biggest of the five-piece from Sydney’s careers to date, not that it showed. TA looked completely at ease and self-assured, performing a slick confident set like they had been born to play stages and festivals of this magnitude. Although clearly delightedly in awe at her surroundings, and the size and response of the crowd held firmly in her sway, MacDougall’s performance never fell anything short of spellbinding or vocally on point. Much of the set was taken from last year’s brilliant ‘The Other Side’ with ‘The Ocean’ and ‘Don’t Wish’ going down particularly well with the Bramham crowd, as did ‘What Are You So Scared Of’ and a bittersweet set closing rendition of ‘Lonely Girl’. (4/5) (DW)


This weekend marked Young Guns’ big return to performing live after a protracted period out of the spotlight working on album number three. The band have been one of the tightest, most high-octane live acts around for the last few years, and hadn’t missed a step in their time away. Gus Wood effortlessly owned the stage, looking James Dean cool and, as always, every inch the prototype total package front man with a commanding poise and presence and a near faultlessly powerful vocal showing. A performance of current single ‘I Want Out’ and another new track both bode very well for the forthcoming new record, featuring catchy as hell synth lines added into the band’s usual heavy yet expansive and accessible sound and strong 80’s undertones. A strong rendition of ‘Weight Of The World’ flew the flag for Young Guns’ earlier material, while the euphorically received ‘Bones’ earned a gargantuan singalong in one of the coolest moment’s of the opening day. (4/5) (DW)

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